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Emails from People Who Read the Book, Just a Couple of Women Talkin’

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From Women …
“I can’t put it down! … your book has completely drawn me in, and I just can’t wait to continue.  … I am going to be reading this with ____ (one of my employees) so I can help her learn how to be a consultant.  I just took my assessment, what a great tool!  You both have done a fabulous job. “
Sales Consultant
“I read the book in one day because I couldn't put it down.  Now you know that is saying a lot because I am not looking to start my own business!  The book is awesome and my only regret is not having it to read many years ago!  Who knows, I might have had the courage to start my own business!  I really enjoyed the personal stories and business stories.  You had me sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, and sometimes feeling amazed.  Thank you for the book, I know it will help other women tremendously.  It is truly a "gift" from your heart in the hopes that others may benefit from all that you have experienced in life.  Best wishes for success on the book.”
Sales Professional
“I found this book to be refreshing and extremely helpful in looking at all of the aspects of starting your own consulting business.  The book talks about not only the business side but the personal side.  It is light hearted and at the same time, packed full of things that I did not know how to do and had never even thought about.  Things such as how to price your time, budgeting, advertising, net-working, etc.  Such areas are so important before taking that leap of faith to go into business for yourself.  A must read for anyone considering starting their own consulting business!” 
Financial Services Firm Professional
“Thanks so much for telling our story.”
From Men…
“I enjoyed your book.  Read every line--even your co-author's parts.  I have a German friend who is coming in April.  He is a consultant for insurance companies all over Germany.  I bought a copy for him.”
Retired P&G Executive
 “I read your book, yesterday. I like the format...the conversational tone works well and placing the pictures in the margin to identify which anecdotes/observations are associated with each of you was a nice idea. I confess...I didn't read EVERY word. I mean, a book subtitled "The Real Story of Being a Woman Entrepreneur" hardly falls within my sphere of primary interest. LOL.  But I read enough to observe that the writing was well polished, yet informal...”
Author of 27 Books
“You did great!  You both did great!  You have written a wonderful book from your hearts and minds to the hearts and minds of anyone considering consulting as a calling.  It is filled with feeling and knowledge only available to one who has been there.  Why is it so good?  It hits the big four:  It is personal, it is honest, it is useful, it is beautifully written.”
Professor and Author of 12 books

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