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Article No.: 16-3, March 1, 2016

Article Title: Learning Agility Self-Assessment

Author: Linda Gravett, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, CEQC

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As a preview for my upcoming book with Sheri Caldwell, Learning Agility:  The Impact on Recruiting and Retention, below is an excerpt from our Learning Agility Self-Assessment developed and validated over a 5-year period.  To be placed on the email list to be notified when the book is released (March 2016), please email me at
                           Learning Agility Self-Assessment

For each item, place the most accurate response to the left of each number.

                                        Rarely   Occasionally  Sometimes   Usually    Always
                                           1              2                  3              4              5
___1.    If I hear an unfamiliar word in a conversation, I look up the meaning.                    
___2.    I enjoy working with others to try to solve problems.                                                          
___3.    I’m comfortable when circumstances that affect my work change.                                      
___4.    New experiences are not learning opportunities for me.       RS                   
___5.    I can deliver results amidst changing circumstances.                                             
___6.    I’m optimistic that I can learn new information.                                          
___7.    I don’t make an effort to learn from my mistakes.     RS                               
___8.    I enjoy a change of pace in the way I do things.                                                              
___9.    I understand the best approach for me to learn something new.                              
___10.  I seek out feedback on my skills and abilities.                                
___11.  I don't accept others’ information at face value.                                                             
___12.  I can put aside a project and switch to another when necessary.                            
Learning agility has four dimensions:  mental agility; people agility; change agility; and results agility.  Mental agility is one’s ability to learn and retain information of all types.  People agility is the capacity to understand and relate to others.  Change agility is the skill one has in handling change.  Results agility is the capacity to achieve during the distractions and challenges of everyday life.



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